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tv   News  ABC  December 8, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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beltway look live at the west side at liberty road. you will see very light volume. no delays around 695. making your way across the key bridge, there are wind warnings in place. a couple accidents to get you updated on. one northbound on the bw parkway at 195, that accident blocks the shoulder. you will see police on the scene. downtown baltimore street chosures in effect on the block. baltimore street closed between the south and gay streets. holiday streets closed between fayette and baltimore. use gillford or lexington to get around that. route 355 is closed all lanes blocked because of a crash involving a fuel spill. back to you. >> thanks. it's 5:30. a family statement says elizabeth edwards remains the heart of the family. the estranged wife of former senator and presidential candidate john edwards passed away yesterday from breast capser. emily schmidt has more from washington. >> reporter: -the presidential campaign trail it was clear --
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on the presidential campaign trail, it was clear she knew how to rally. >> my love and your next president john edwards. >> reporter: but a different road proved how well, she could fight. >> i think this might be it, but in bad teems you keep your eye on what was important and press forward with that. >> reporter: edwards was diagnosed with breast canser in 200 #, the same day she -- 2004, the same day she stood by her husband as his running mate john kerry conceded defeat. four years lateer when her husband returned to campaigning, the cancer returned, too. >> we will always look fort sill ver lining. it's who we are as people. >> reporter: the couple law school sweethearts with four children endured loss before. when their oldest son 16-year-old wade, died in a car accident in 1996. later there, would be a loss of trust. >> in 2006, two years ago i made a very serious mistake. >> reporter: john edwards admitted infidelity and having a child with another woman.
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they separated but edwards was with his wie and family during her final days in the north carolina home. >> she was one tough chick. and she moved ahead and didn't look back. and america is more surprised because she is gone. >> reporter: the edwards family lost the comfort of her presence but she remains the heart of the family. daughter kate is an attorney. her youngest children emma, clare and jack are not yet teens. 61-year-old elizabeth edwards died one day after her facebook posting said doctors had stopped cancer treatment. she is remembered with the same words she used to title her last book, "resilience" emily smith. >> she died on the day known as cancer survivor beauty and support day. edwards voiced regret about not getting mammograms as often as recommended which may have caused the breast cancer to spread. as the empire beauty school in
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owings mill, cancer patience came in for any service they wanted yesterday. >> it's good for just to get out of the home and the house and maybe get their mind off everything. >> edwards is hoping to see her two youngest children turn 18. she leaves behind two daughters ages 28 and 12 and a son who is 10. millions of women and men have breast cancer and are breast cancer survivors. according to national cancer institute there were more than 200,000 men and women diagnosed this year alone. nearly 40,000 died from breast cancer however, more than a million and a half women who had breast cancer are alive in the united states. 77% of the women with breast cancer are over the age of 50. now here's how to get involved locally with the fight against breast cancer. and komen maryland. head to
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we want your two cents on the life of elizabeth edwards. what kind of inspiration do you she live in your -- she leave in your life. click on our facebook fan page and leave comments. here what we are hearing. ray said i hope more americans view her as a strength and inspiration instead of redundant tv prnlts that represents our society. -- personalities that represent our society. 5:34 right now. happy holidays for more than 12,000 ikea workers. not bad. the company bought bicycles for employees across the country. we were on hand for the big reveal at the ikea in white marsh yesterday. >> the purpose really is to show appreciation number one to the coworkers, and they also can
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have a way to get into work in a good way and a sustainable way if they so desire, and also to have a great health benefit. >> the company says it gave the holiday gift to send a heartfelt thanks to their workers. that's really nice. >> taking care of their own. >> absolutely loifnlt it. >> a gift that will hang around. >> absolutely. you know, after more than half a century, a baltimore landmark is closing its doors. obricky's will close shop. coming up, we will tell you why. also ahead, new information on the september shooting at the discovery building in silver spring. with a police were prepared for after taking down james lee. time for a look at trains and bus on this wednesday morning and for that we say good morning. >> mark jones. >> reporter: good morning. baltimore street at mount vernon fire diversions are still in place out there on the bus system. the 5, 8, 20, 23 and 36 and 40 and 48 buses all diverted in the area of baltimore and light.
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the 19 and 35 buses continue to be diverted westbound at gillford and fayette. 3, 11, 61 and 64 at charles and center and the 11 bus southbound diverted at maryland and eager. light rail, metro subway and marc are all operating on time. for the mta transit team, i am mark jones.
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time is 5:38. google is unveiled the new chromeless notebook tuesday, but it comes with a rub. >> of course. >> it's not going to be ready until next year. >> it's the cr48 with chrome installed design according to be faster safer and easier to move. it's strictly for those just using the web. >> what we want to do for the commute computing experience is make it as delightful as using a car. you don't think about what's happening inside the car when you drive it. >> the names sounds like that cr48 with chrome os. >> google launched the chrome web store i was catalog of apps. would you yo like -- you would like that. >> sure. >> now, maryland's most powerful
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doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> it has not changed. still windy outside. it will stay that way all day long and it's cold outside. it will stay that way all day. 22 degrees right now in hanover. and the wind gusts coming in at 26 miles an hour. so it's feeling like we are in the teens across the area. edgemere at 25. but with the wind gust feel like we are -- feeling like we are in the teens, same with dundalk. you need to bundle up. i am talking about everything from head to toe because you don't want the surprise. satellite and radar, no snow for the most part but we are dealing with snow back across pennsylvania and also into portion of new york. now over to kim brown with the traffic. good morning. >> reporter: thanks. good morning. as you make your way on the 5 coming -- 95 coming south, you won't see problems towards the fort mchenry toll plaza and beltway and 895 split.
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traffic is moving at speeds. on the west side, a live look at liberty road, no problems at 695. we have a couple incidents to update you on. an accident excuse me, road closures downtown baltimore closed between south and gay street holiday between fayette and baltimore as the continuing investigation and cleanup from the fire the other day. northbound 295 at 195a. tow truck is on route to clear the crash away from the shoulder. and 70 westbound heading towards arbana pike, that's blocked. sherrie johnson is standing by with the latest details on one of the top stories. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, kim. the cleanup begins in the mount vernon area after fire ripped through the historic district. coming up, more on the businesses that had to close.
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federal and local investigators will look for clues this morning into monday's huge five-alarm fire and baltimore street. who will dan and east baltimore streets roped off this morning with crime tape. this was all from yesterday. the atf will be working today by use special k-9s and chemist and trained fire investigators to try to uncover what sparked the massive fire. >> an investigation of this
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large of scale, with this many moving parts requires a lot of planning. we are going to try to accomplish in three days which would take us by ourselves about four or five weeks. >> the baltimore city fire department is confident with all the help it is getint from the state and federal government that -- getting from the state and federal government that they will be able to determine a cause for the fire. we are following the aftermath of tuesday morning's five-alarm blaze in mount vernon where we find sherrie johnson live this morning with the very latest. it's a much different scene this morning, isn't it? >> reporter: you are right. we are here where at this same time yesterday, it was a much different story. crews were battling a major fire right here at the park plaza here. let me tell you, the boarded up windows tell the story. donna's cafe and my thai restaurant suffered heavy fire and water damage.
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it took several hours to put out the fire. residents and offices inside the building are severely damaged. the fire forced several businesses to clothes for days and months. we are talking donna's cafe and two other restaurants this suffered the most damage. and firefighters say it was a tough fire. >> the fire started on a lower floor and we chased the fire all the way up to the roof. it was very, very difficult fire to control. it had a lot of void space and hidden fire. >> reporter: and right here back out here live, the cleanup has started. crews have blocked off a lane of traffic on north charles street to help with that cleanup. so, as you are traveling this -- traveling this way, you will have to be aware you can only use one lane. cleanup process is start being. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. we have been covering both fires in baltimore. and i've been helping us along the way with the community journalism and pictures.
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log onto to see the complete coverage and a slide show of the pictures you sent in. it's been a baltimore institution. after serving us crabs for 66 years obricky's on is closing. the owner says it was time. his mom rose passed away in september and he and his family decided next year will be the last year in business. rob says it will open march 15th, 2011 and close forever in november. when was the last time a restaurant gave us a year's notice? the landmark in baltimore will definitely be missed. they were prepared for the homemade bomb to explode. that's what s.w.a.t. team members who shot and killed discovery building gunman james lee are saying. lee stormed the silver spring discovery building in september and took two employees and a security guard hostage after a lengthy riew crusade against the company and network.
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lengthy crusade against the company and network. the bombs would have killed several people but the switch failed when officers took lee out. >> the temperatures are dropping, but your bge bill is going up. it will cost about $34 more a month for electric -- excuse me, 85 cents a month more for natural gas. they say rates were at the lowest this past june a. rate hike couldn't be avoided. they asked maryland public -- asked the maryland public service commission for higher rates but it was overruled. the u.s. consumer product safety commission has three volume-tarry recalls to be a-- voluntary recalls to be aware of. rachel ray brand two court tea connectel -- kettle recalled because of a burn hazard. those are sold exclusively at target stores.
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and the silver metallic candles sold at bed, bath and beyond stores recalled by general wax and candle due to fire hazards. you should stop using the products and return them for a refund. for more information, visit the website, 5:49 right now. if you are a state worker, you probably have something to say about this. the governor says if you resign by the end of next month, you will get $15,000 and $200 for each year you gave the state and three months of health care coverage. you cannot rejoin the state government for 18 month. we don't know how many of the 79,000 state workers are eligible for this buyout. the governor says he needs to cut costs and a deal like this could save layoffs. maybe -- it may be a while before a $100 bill reaches your wallet. anticounterfeit measures in the bills are causing problems during the processing process.
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more than 100 million dollars are unusable. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> good morning, everyone. check out the lows for your wednesday. well, we should be right around 29 degrees. these numbers are going lower and lower. 48 for a high. and check out the record setback a long time ago. 10 degrees, 1882 and the high was set in 1980, 74 degrees. sunset at 4:44 p.m. now the highs yesterday came in at 36 degrees. these temperatures are well below that. 37 into richmond and norfolk around 37. the colder temperatures back into altuna. 25 pittsburgh 24, charleston came in at 25 degrees. and in new york, 38 degrees, felly 36 degrees just like us. the wind chill for today this morning, well it feels like we are in the teens. but going into the afternoon,
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we will feel more like we are into the 20s. so it's going to be another cold blustery day on tap. make sure to bundle up to protect yourselves from all that wind. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot as of now. but we will see clouds moving back in over the next few days. but we will have a clear day today and i will call it mostly clear to partly cloudy and then by tomorrow, we will see mostly sunny skies. the reason being is that we will have high pressure building in. here's a big look as we look back once again towards the west. we are getting snow back into ohio. and we will see snow in the michigan as well and portion of new york getting some of the white stuff as well. but we are pretty much on the dry side, the clear side as of now. this is the weather pattern as we go into time. we have the upper-level low over quebec as of now bringing us the cold, windy conditions and we have high pressure back off towards the west here. and what that will do is move in and with that we will see more sunshine in the forecast. that's what we like to see. but it's going remain very
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cold. the future forecast stays dry. we can see the blue stuff back towards the west. but all in all, not too bad. we will contend with the windy conditions for today with the temperature coming in at 35. wind northwest 15 to 20 miles an hour. and then going into tonight, the temperature will be around 20. and clear and even colder. and then we work our way into tomorrow. that temperature will be right around 37, mostly sunny and cold and breezy. >> reporter: well, this morning traffic is off to a very quiet start. earlier accident on the bw parkway at 195 northbound has been cleared and as we look live at the beltway on the top side at providence road, see the inner and outer loop moving at speed. we don't have problems around baltimore beltway right now. as you look at the maps. we have an accident out westbound i-70 that has all the lanes closed at urbana pike. exit 5 # has a -- 54 has an
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accident involving a fuel spill. we have road closures in place at block downtown. baltimore street is closed between south and gay. holiday closed between fayette and baltimore. stay with us. we have more of "good morning, maryland" coming back after this. [ ramona ] i am 35 years old, and, i'm actually the first one in my family to get a degree, and i come from a family of six kids, so it's very special. i have an 11-year-old son, and he always tells me, "mom, why didn't you finish when you were supposed to?" i'm like, well, life happens, but i'm doing it now. [ announcer ] ramona lopez. ♪ [ ramona ] it really helped me manage all aspects of my life. my name is ramona lopez, and i am a phoenix. ♪
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just few minutes before six. news from around the nation, dozens of residents in the small town in eastern oklahoma near tulsa believe a power plant is making them sick. they say the plant is dumping potentially toxic waste. fly ash comes from the burnt coal and the epa says it contains chemicals like mercury and arsenic that can cause cancer as well as other health problems. nearly 170 people are locked up in southern california after a gang sweep. authorities took 100 guns yesterday in the sweep and investigators say the operation resulted from a year and a half investigation and involved 1,000 law ep forcement officers -- enforcement officers from local, state and federal agencies. more than 100 of the arrest happened yesterday. we hear so much day to day about the continued research, about concussions when it comes to sports. >> news make headlines on a
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dealy basis. but a study reveals the odds of suffering a concussion and the result could be different depending on whether you are guy or a girl. and santa, santa gets the boot. why jolly old st. nick's jokes land him in hot water and what got him kicked to the curb.
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now, "good morning maryland" two huge fires in baltimore city. flames are out, but the -- the flames are out, but the neighborhood is hardly back to normal. what you need to know about downtown baltimore this morning. her final words to the public posted on facebook. this morning we say good-bye to elizabeth he hadwards. and -- edwards. and there will be christmas spirit in carroll county. originally celebrations were scaled back. what changed? >> the grinch got gone. >> exactly. >> good motorcycles, maryland, i am charlie crowson.


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